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  Professor Leo Brady
Post(s): Professor of Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: My main research interest is Biomolecular Structures: The vast majority of life processes result from the binding of a...
Keywords: biomolecular structures | protein structure | molecules | disease | protein crystallography | biomolecular interactions | molecular modelling
  Dr Michael Bresalier
Post(s): Research Fellow, School of Arts
Areas of expertise: I work primarily in the social history and epistemology of biomedicine, with general interests in concepts of disease, the...
Keywords: social history | epistemology | biomedicine | concepts of disease | disease | biomedical knowledge | flu
  Dr David Evans
Post(s): Visiting Professor, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: My research primarily involves the genetic mapping of complex traits and diseases through genome-wide association analysis...
Keywords: genetics | genetic mapping | disease | phenotypes | arthritis
  Dr Rosemary Grogono-Thomas
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Science, Farm Animal Science
Areas of expertise: I am a veterinary surgeon specialising in infectious diseases of small ruminants, primarily sheep. I have an active research...
Keywords: Sheep Health and production | Footrot | infectious diseases | small ruminants | sheep | lameness | disease | farming
  Dr Claire Rice
Post(s): Consultant Senior Lecturer in Multiple Sclerosis Neurology, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: Stem cells are primitive cells capable of developing into a number of different mature cell types. Increasingly, adult human...
Keywords: stem cells | disease | transplant material | human bone marrow
  Dr Simon Satchell
Post(s): Reader in Renal Medicine, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: Glomerular endothelial cells (GEnC) form the innermost layer of the glomerular capillary wall which constitutes the glomerular...
Keywords: glomerular endothelial cells | glomerular capillary wall | glomerular filtration barrier | disease | glycocalyx
  Dr Mohammed Sharif
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease affecting over 100 million people in EU countries. The disease frequently...
Keywords: osteoarthritis | joint disease | joints | joint tissue | loss of cartilage | disability | disease
  Dr Michael Toscano
Post(s): Research Fellow, Bristol Veterinary School
Areas of expertise: I am seeking to identify mechanisms that explain why certain animals are able to overcome infection and disease better than...
Keywords: animals | infection | disease
  Dr Gavin Welsh
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I am currently a Non Clinical Senior Lecturer in Renal Cell Biology in the Academic Renal Unit in Bristol. My research interests...
Keywords: renal cell biology | kidneys | renal cell signalling | disease | renal disease