Centenary lecture

Wills Memorial Building, 6.00pm, Admission free

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Professor Michael Lipton, FBA, Research Professor of Economics, Sussex University

Poverty, inequality and agriculture: big fish and red herrings

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Lecture description

Well over half the world's extremely poor depend on agriculture as their main source of income and food. Yet, despite warm words, farming receives persistently small proportions of investment, aid and policy attention. Small, poor farmers – and farm employment – are undervalued even within the farm sector. Why? Might this be justified? If not, what can be done?

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Biography of Professor Michael Lipton, FBA

Research Professor of Economics, Sussex University

Professor Michael Lipton, FBA, is Research Professor of Economics at Sussex University. He specialises in agricultural research, land reform, poverty and inequality, nutrition, and economic demography in developing countries, including Bangladesh, Botswana, India, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and South Africa. He has worked as an adviser and author for the World Bank, the International Food Policy Research Institute, the UN Human Development Report and the Asian Development Bank.