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Information for Counsellors

Training pack

Please download the above package that was circulated around volunteers at the beginning of this year. It includes some detailed information about bone marrow transplantations, clinic routines, and important information about the process of filling in forms. It is essential that volunteers become well acquainted with this document.

Counselling reminder card

This short document comprises a list of essential points for volunteers to refer to during the counselling process. It is useful if counselors print this document and have it to hand during clinics.

Further resources are available in the Bristol Marrow sub-web. Please note you will need a username and password to enter this page. Please see the Webmaster for more information or if you have forgotten your login details.

Marrow committee meetings

Bristol Marrow promotes transparency and participation throughout all of its work. To achieve this, it is intended that the minutes from every meeting will be posted on this page to build an awareness of the decisions made by the committee.

N.B. Due to the confidential nature of some of the information contained in these minutes there may be some amendment that must take place.



May 2009 minutes

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