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Marrow's Marvellous Auction - Thursday 26th November 2009 6.30-9.30pm


ITS BACCKKKKKKKKKKK! Bristol Marrow's fabulous auction is happening again for you to spend your spare pennies at! It's only £1 for a bidding number, which of course all goes directly to the Anthony Nolan Trust. The lots are shown below - many lovely things are for sale as I'm sure you'll agree! So come on down for what's set to be a good night out - the bar is open from 6.30pm and bidding starts at 7.30pm!


The lots...

1. Meal for 2 with wine up to the value of £25 – Slug and Lettuce, Corn Street

2. 2 main courses – All In One, Park Street

3. Cake – Patisserie Valerie, Triangle

4. 1 hour lesson in jewellery making, worth £25 – Bdelicious, Triangle

5. Manicure and pedicure – iCandy

6. 2 tickets to Bristol Zoo

7. Meal for 2 at Dragon Kiss, Whiteladies Road

8. Silver Sybil necklace – Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery, Park Street

9. £25 Casa Mexicana voucher, Zetland Road

10. Free cut and finish – Mack Daddy’s, Gloucester Road

11. Men’s Hoody and T Shirt – My Yard, Park Street

12. Women’s T shirt and skirt – My Yard, Park Street

13. Grant’s whiskey – Grapes, Clifton

14. Photo frame – Sense, Clifton

15. £20 Jungle Rumble voucher

16. Meal for 2 at Fisher’s, Clifton

17. Party dress – Sticky Neon, Park Street

18. South America guidebook and children’s weather book – Stanfords, Corn Street

19. Lunch for 2 at Number 10, Zetland Road

20. Cool bag and 2 scarves – RaRaRa @ BS8, Park Street

21. Lunch for 2 at Green’s Dining Room, Zetland Road

22. 2 cinema tickets—Watershed

23. Free snowboard service, CD, bumper stickers—Ellis Brigham, Whiteladies Road

24. Pair of cufflinks – Frocks & Tails, Cotham Hill

25. £39 voucher – Frocks & Tails, Cotham Hill

26. Wii Table tennis game – Phone Shack, Cotham Hill

27. 2 inner tubes – Psyclewerx, Cotham Hill

28. 3 glass dishes – Inspiration Furnishing, Whiteladies Road

29. Plates – Inspiration Furnishings, Whiteladies Road

30. 1 hour massage from University of Bristol Massage Society

31. 2 ceramic serving platters—Kitchen, Whiteladies Road

32. DIY craftbox – Creativity

There will also be a raffle on the night with many goodies for the taking - see below! Furthermore there will be a variety of cakes for your delectation....don't say we don't spoil you!

  • Meal for 2 at Falafel King, Cotham Hill
  • 5 Goody bags  – Motel
  • £5 voucher – Katze, Gloucester Road
  • Panini and hot drink for 1 at Cafe A Roma, Cheltenham Road
  • Photo frames and silver monkey – Soma, Clifton
  • Wine – Grapes, Clifton
  • Spot the Dog toy - Blackwells
  • Bookworm bag and book– Blackwells
  • Banana fudge
  • Vauxhall Corsa teddies – Soukous, Cotham Hill
  • £5 Deli Delish voucher, Cotham Hill
  • Scented candles and Rubiks Cube – Evolution
  • Reusable shopping bag, wholemeal bread mix, carpet cleaner - Scoopaway, Gloucester Road
  • Ladies watch – Cotham Chemist
  • 6 mugs – La Roca, Gloucester Road
  • T shirt – Avalaan, Gloucester Road
  • Photo Frame – Shared Earth, Broadmead

Here are some pictures from last year to whet your appetite....

LotsExcited Bidders

AuctionRaffle Mayhem


If you are interested in any of these marvellous lots but cannot make it to the auction, drop us an email and we can sort out an absent bid, where you can either put in a firm bid (eg I will pay £20 exactly) or a maximum bid (eg I will pay up to £20). These will be cleverly sorted out by our professional auctioneer for the night; Many Thanks to Peter Rixon from Dreweatts, Apsley Road Saleroom! Please note that if you win the lot with an absent bid, we will ask you to pay an extra pound for your bidding number. Please contact our fundraising officers and hostesses for the night Jessica, Nina and Sian to place absent bids.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you there!