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T cell in blood

Investigators and Projects

Lindsay Nicholson

Andrew Dick

Overview of research

T cell macrophage interactions

Properties of eye autoantigens

Inflammation and angiogenesis

Leucocyte populations in EAU

Steroid resistance

CD200 in EAU

Complement and ocular disease

Modelling Immune responses in silico

Selected References

Vision Research 2007

Vision Research 2008

Vision Research 2009

Recent Advances

Our Research

Our Research

These pages give an overview of our research. There is a summary of the past work of the principal investigators and a more detailed description of different projects, written by the people who are doing them.
If you want a more accessible description of what we do, you should try
'How we work' or 'Questions & Answers' .

Vision Research meeting summaries are available here. From 2011 these meetings will rotate between Cardiff, Oxford, Southampton and Bristol.

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