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Students should answer one question from the four below. The work is to be done in small groups which should have both deaf and hearing participants. All of the work involves research, planning and presentation in BSL. The presentation has to include all students on screen at some stage of the presentation.

pink_pin.gif (1013 bytes) Choose a famous event in history - compare how hearing people have reported on it and how you think deaf people would have presented the information. The topics you can use include: the conference of Milan; the meeting which set up the BDA in London and then in Leeds. Remember that you have to show the deaf perspective and especially how deaf people felt.

pink_pin.gif (1013 bytes) Choose the life of a famous DEAF person and describe it in detail. Try to show the feelings they had at the time. You can choose people like Francis Maginn.

pink_pin.gif (1013 bytes) Choose a deaf school and explain its history. Make a clear distinction between the way that hearing people think about it and the way that deaf people do.

 Pick a deaf person older than 65 years and interview him/her about her life. Try to show form the story, examples of deaf culture in action.

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