pinPart 1: How to begin a Deaf History and Culture

History - so what?

pinPart 2: Historical Fact in Deafness

Hospitals and Otology; Schools and Education; People who had an effect on Deaf People; Oralism Versus Manualism; Developing Communities; The Schools and how they developed; The decline of schools in the 19th century; Oral Re-generation and Professionalisation; Technology and medicine return; Deaf Protest ignored; Parents were used to support the approach; So how does the history affect deaf people - why is it important?

pinPart 3: Famous Deaf People

Etienne de Fay (1669 - 1747?); The Meusnier Brothers (1709-??); Pierre Desloges (1742-??); Deaf People in the UK; Francis Maginn (1861-1918)

pinPart 4: Deaf History to Culture

Deaf Cultural Life; Rules of Behaviour; Customs; Traditions; Deaf Culture; Cultural Identity; Deafness-Hearingness; The Status of the Deaf Community; Review

pinPart 5: Deaf Culture and its Roots

Real History; Culture; Identity; Language; Deaf History; A Sign of Culture

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