(2) Public Symposium:
Is Japan an Equal Society? Policies against Poverty and Social Exclusion



What is Social Exclusion?
Lessons from the UK, Hopes for Japan

Venue: North Hall, Keio University, Tokyo
Time: January 7th, 2012 13:00~17:15

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13.00 — Opening Words
Dr Nishimura, Director, IPSS

13.15 — Keynote Speeches
David Gordon, University of Bristol:
Poverty and Social Exclusion Policies in the UK

Makoto Yuasa, Head, Social Exclusion Unit Japan:
The Success and Failures of Social Inclusion Policy in Japan

15.00 — Break

15.15 — Panel Discussion
Moderator: Aya Abe, NIPSSR →

David Gordon, Bristol University
Makoto Yuasa, Social Exclusion Unit Japan
Jonathan Bradshaw, York University
Christina Pantazis, Bristol University
Kohei Komamura, Keio University
Masami Iwata, Japan Women's University
Toshiaki Tachibanaki, Doshisha University

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17.15 — Close

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