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Experts in 'bioinformatics'

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  Dr Gail Bartlett
Post(s): Senior Research Associate, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: I study the relationships between protein sequence, structure and function, particularly in coiled-coil proteins.
Keywords: bioinformatics | protein structure
  Dr Colin Campbell
Post(s): Reader in Mathematics for Information Technology, Department of Engineering Mathematics
Areas of expertise: Bioinformatics, machine learning
Keywords: bioinformatics | machine learning | Bayesian | kernel methods
  Professor Nello Cristianini
Post(s): Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Department of Engineering Mathematics
Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy
Areas of expertise: Theory and applications of Pattern Analysis algorithms. Applied to problems in Genomics, Web Analysis, Machine Intelligence....
Keywords: pattern analysis | machine intelligence | computational genomics | bioinformatics | cognitive systems | media content analysis | ethical aspects of data analysis | web mining
  Dr Tom Gaunt
Post(s): Reader in Bioinformatics, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: Molecular Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and obesity: I am funded by the British Heart Foundation...
Keywords: molecular genetics | cardiovascular disease | obesity | genes | bioinformatics | genome-wide association
  Professor Julian Gough
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science, Department of Computer Science
Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science
Areas of expertise: I have a background in protein structure which I use to study molecular evolution by developing bioinformatics tools and...
Keywords: bioinformatics | genomics | computational biology | evolution
  Dr Charlie Hindmarch
Post(s): Research Associate, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: My main focus of research interest is cardiovascular neuroscience; how does the brain control cardiovascular parameters?...
Keywords: RNAseq | microarray | cardiovascular | neuroscience | endocrinology | hypertension | bioinformatics | obesity
  Professor Guy Nason
Post(s): Professor of Statistics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: Mathematics and statistics: theory, computation, and application. Areas of application interest: politics, defence, bioinformatics,...
Keywords: statistics | mathematics | politics | defence | bioinformatics | proteomics
  Dr Richard Sessions
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: Molecular Modelling in Biochemistry. Molecular modelling is a very useful tool in the design and interpretation of experiments....
Keywords: molecular modelling | bioinformatics | homology modelling | drug design | protein | protein structure prediction
  Professor Dek Woolfson
Post(s): Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: The primary basic research interest of the group is the informational aspect of the protein-folding problem; that is, how...
Keywords: bionanotechnology | protein design | protein-folding problem | protein | bioinformatics | protein sequence | protein design