Past events

Enabling innovation and enterprise

What IT Services could do in future to support staff and student innovation and enterprise? Resources (14 October 2013)

Research sans frontières

What are the key trends and drivers for research collaborations and partnerships?  Resources. (13 June 2013)

Continuing connections

How do we foster lifelong loyalty and connection to Bristol? From first contact, through a student's time here and to way beyond graduation? Resources. (10 January 2013)

Working together: Tools to share information

Tools for collaboration. Resources. (26 October 2010)

Mobile Computing

Mobile Campus Assistant and Mobile IT: Taming the unruly toddler Resources. (2 December 2009)

Cloud Computing & Google Apps

Speakers from Google and the University of Bristol set out the advantages of and concerns raised by Cloud Computing tools. Resources. (19 March 2009)

Email and integrated communications

An informal gathering for those with an interest in email and integrated communication at the University. Resources. (28 November 2008)