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Section 3: Questions at different learning levels

Does CAA only assess lower level of learning?

Where MCQs are used in CAA they are commonly perceived as only testing surface learning. This is not necessarily the case. Careful design of questions can enable the testing of higher order skills.

Below is a graphic view of the Bloom's Taxonomy (developed by Benjamin Bloom in 1956) highlighting the correlation between the six levels of cognitive learning from the simple recall of facts (the lowest level) to the more complex evaluation of ideas (the highest level).


Bloom's levels of learning

How are these levels defined? Try out this matching question to find out


Yes that's correct.

Recall of information. Remembering facts, dates, names, events and places = Knowledge

Interpreting information in own words as in making a summary or grasping meaning as in reading an article and being able to understand the content = Comprehension

Put ideas, theories and concept into practice in new situations = Application

Recognition of components and patterns and understanding their relationship = Analysis

Organising knowledge or relate knowledge from several areas and using old ideas to create new ones = Synthesis

Assessing values of ideas and theory and make judgement or compare and discriminate between ideas = Evaluation

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