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These are animations that we use in teaching and in ouresearch to try and explain, and understand, immune function better. They are formatted as animated gif or avi files and should run in your browser, but they may be slow without a broadband connection

Simulation of an infection in tissue.
The red objects are the infection, the black objects are responder cells and the blue objects are effector cells that can kill the infection.

Simulation of an autoimmune response in the retina
The red objects are APCs presenting autoantigen. The blue objects are responder cells.

Development of uveitis.
This movie depicts progression from a normal eye and retina, through the activation of an APC and the accumulation of T cells in the vicinity to florid uveitis with retinal granulomas. It was made by Peter Bailey.

Development of uveitis.
Here is the same movie as a quicktime movie file, with an audio track to describe what's going on.

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