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Information sheets

The following information sheets are available. If you would like to receive any of these or a pack containing all of them please contact The MS Unit

  1. MS and Pregnancy
  2. Long term studies on the nature and course of MS.
  3. Diet and MS
  4. Diet advice in MS
  5. Evening Primrose oil and MS.
  6. Vitamin B12 and multiple sclerosis
  7. Canabinoids and MS
  8. Beta Interferon - the first trials.
  9. Beta Interferon - an update.
  10. MS and Physiotherapy
  11. MS and Occupational Therapy
  12. Multiple sclerosis. Balance and ataxia.
  13. Muscle stimulation and MS.
  14. Coping with the heat and MS.
  15. Fatigue in MS.
  16. MS -Nature or Nurture?
  17. MS and Employment
  18. Anaesthetics and MS
  19. Copaxone and MS
  20. Using a wheelchair and MS

Joint charities leaflets

  1. Who can help?
  2. Beta Interferon
  3. Copolymer-1

Suggested reading list for people with MS

Under construction

Suggested reading list for professionals working with MS

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