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Child Health and the Environment:

Results from EU Framework5, PINCHE, Children Genonetwork & Plutocracy Projects

23rd - 25th November 2005

Marignan Conference Centre, Central Brussels.

This meeting will present the outcomes from the Policy Interpretation Network on Children's Health and the Environment (PINCHE), the European network on children's susceptibility and exposure to environmental genotoxicants (ChildrenGenoNetwork) and the Placental Uptake and Transfer of Environmental Chemicals Relating to Allergy in Childhood Years (Plutocracy) projects.

The meeting provides an opportunity for involvement of stakeholder groups with an interest in the area of environmental child health. Results and policy implications from the two projects will be presented by the Consortia and there will be poster presentations of research in related scientific areas.

For further details and Conference programme please see the PINCHE website:


Or contact Dr Margaret Saunders: M.Saunders@bristol.ac.uk

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