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The Quiz

Name some organisations (big or small) working "for the deaf".  Describe their aims and the different philosophies influencing their work.  How much are they driven by an agenda of Hearingness?

You might like to start with some of the following (do you know about all of these?), or just list your own.  If you come from a country other than Britain, think of some organisations from your own country.  Do they have similar aims?

  1. BDA
  2. RNID
  3. NDCS
  4. SENSE
  5. Hearing Concern
  6. RNID communication support unit ("Wessex")
  7. Acorns
  8. The Link Centre, Eastbourne
  9. Family Centre for Deaf Children
  10. Centre for Deaf Studies, Bristol University
  11. Royal School for the Deaf, Derby
  12. Our Lady of Lourdes Deaf Club

Do you know what these are?

  1. Conductive deafness
  2. Perceptive deafness
  3. Word Deafness
  4. Congenital deafness
  5. Hereditary deafness
  6. Type 1 Usher Syndrome
  7. Type 2 Usher Syndrome
  8. Type 3 Usher Syndrome
  9. Tinnitus
  10. Glue Ear
  11. Otosclerosis
  12. Stapedectomy
  13. Presbyacusis
  14. Auricle
  15. Pinna
  16. Tympanum
  17. Eustachian tube
  18. Mastoid bone
  19. Malleus
  20. Incus
  21. Stapes
  22. Cilia
  23. Basilar membrane
  24. Organ of Corti
  25. VIIIth nerve

Do you know what causes deafness at these stages in life?

  1. Before birth
  2. At birth
  3. In childhood
  4. In adulthood

Do you know how we can prevent or cure deafness that occurs during these stages?

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