Social Issues in the Deaf Community

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Social Issues in the Deaf Community
in contact with Hearing Society

Deaf 70012

MSc in Deaf Studies

January 2000 v1.5

Welcome to the Social Issues Course! - These notes are provided as a resource only and may differ from the precise detail which are now being taught.  None of the original tutors are engaged with this course now - March 2005.

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Lecturer: Rachel Sutton-Spence
Room: 2F8     email:


Lecturer: Clark Denmark
Room: 2F15   email:


Lecturer: Jim Kyle
Room: 2F14  email:

To contact us by conventional methods:

Fax: 0117 954 6921
Textphone: 0117 954 6920



The course is copyright
to the Centre for Deaf Studies and the Lecturers named above
and should not be used for any other purpose than personal study.

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