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Personal details
Name Dr Karoline Wiesner
Job title Reader in Complexity Sciences
Department School of Mathematics University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications PhD(Uppsala)
Professional details
Keywords complex systems
quantum information
Areas of expertise I like to summarize my research as follows:

Nature stores and processes information - it computes. Scientists have successfully described various physical processes as a computation - among others: Electronic excitations, molecular self-assembly, DNA transcription. Some of these are quantum, others are classical computations. How can we find the correct computation-theoretic model in general? When is nature a classical and when a quantum computer? I develop quantum computation-theoretic models of physical systems to answer this question. Turning the question on its head I ask "How do physical systems, that are described by different computation-theoretic models, differ in their physical structure". I suggest that we can learn about the hierarchical structure that connects physics, chemistry, and biology from looking at computational capacity.
Languages (other than English)
Swedish spoken    written