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Personal details
Name Dr Misha Rudnev
Job title Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
Department School of Mathematics University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications MSc(Moscow Phys& EnginInst), PhD(CalTech)
Professional details
Keywords number theory
geometric incidence theory
Hamiltonian dynamics
harmonic analysis
Areas of expertise My research profile embraces problems that lie at the intersection of harmonic analysis, geometric and additive combinatorics, with some links to number theory. These problems can be often interpreted within the framework of geometric incidence theory and theorems of Szemerédi-Trotter type, which ask for combinatorial bounds on the size of the intersection of two families of geometric objects, one of which may be, for instance, a finite point set, and the other -- a set of curves or surfaces. A notable example of questions of this type are the distance conjectures of Erdös and Falconer. They are related to other major open questions, such as the Erdös ring problem and Kakeya. Additionally, I retain some interest in my mother-field, which is Hamiltonian dynamics; more precisely those are issues of integrability and onsets for non-integrability.