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Details for Professor Mark Wickham-Jones

Personal details
Name Professor Mark Wickham-Jones
Job title Professor of Political Science
Department School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies University of Bristol
Work contact details
Email address
Telephone number work(0117) 928 8828
Qualifications MA(Edin), PhD(Manc)
Professional details
Membership of professional bodies Political Studies Association
American Political Science Association
PSA Labour Movements Specialist Group
Keywords British politics
New Labour
economic policy
electoral politics and General Election 2017
political party organisation
Labour party foreign policy
gender and public policy
women's representation in parliament
Areas of expertise My expertise is based around Labour party politics over the last fifty or so years. My research concerns the party's economic policy in government and opposition, its electoral strategy and its organisation, especially the representation of women within Labour.

I am also interested in Labour's foreign policy, its approach to welfare issues and the party's relationship with European social democrats and its attitude to the United States.

I am concerned with the transition from Old Labour to New Labour, with New Labour's record and performance in office since 1997, and with the long term development of the party since 1945 in relation to that of other leftwing parties.

I am also interested in British politics more generally, especially concerning questions of gender and public policy.