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Details for Professor Fabrizio Scarpa

Personal details
Name Professor Fabrizio Scarpa
Job title Professor of Smart Materials & Structures
Department Department of Aerospace Engineering University of Bristol
Work contact details
Email address
Telephone number work(0117) 33 15306
Out-of-hours contact details home0117 928 9861
Qualifications Laurea, PhD(Torino)
Professional details
Membership of professional bodies Royal Aeronautical Society
Keywords auxetics
smart materials
Areas of expertise I model and produce auxetics - solids exhibiting unusual deformation mechanisms - they expand in all directions when pulled in only one, opposite to "classical" materials. Typical examples are special foams and honeycombs which exhibit, apart from this unusual deformation, enhanced structural integrity, sound absorption and dielectric loss compared to analogous material with more classical mechanical behaviour. Some of the auxetic solids I developed and modelled have embedded smart materials (piezoelectrics, magnetorheological fluids and particles), to enhance multifunctional characteristics and actuation authority.

A quite unique type of auxetic material I developed is the shape memory alloy honeycomb - a cellular structure that can withstand loads, as well as having deployability characteristics. A prototype has been developed in a project involving US Army Research Office and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and presented to US and European Space Agency conferences.

I also develop numerical methods for vibroacoustics, damping predictions, micromechanics.
Languages (other than English)
Italian spoken    written
French spoken    written
Media experience I gave an interview in 2003 to South Yorkshire Television regarding the launch of the UK Auxetics Materials Network.

Articles on my work have appeared in technical magazines such as Flight International, Frost & Sullivan Technological Insight, Packaging News, Urethanes Technology, De Ingenieur (Dutch magazine) and Machinery & Material (China)