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Personal details
Name Professor Mark Duffield
Job title Emeritus Professor
Department School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BA(Sheff), PhD(Birm)
Professional details
Keywords liberal interventionism
development and security
internal war
humanitarian crisis
Areas of expertise My interests fall within 'catastrophe politics'. Past research focused on liberal interventionism, especially its humanitarian, human security and peace dimensions, and the positive connection between development and security.

A key interest has been how development functions as a tool of government; and how internal war, humanitarian crises and fragile states provide opportunities to deepen this policy framework. This has involved work in Africa, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Burma.

Current research involves our present all-hazard approach to risk and collective security - which runs from terrorism through natural disasters to climate change - and its privileging the defence of complexly privatised, urbanised and internationalised critical infrastructure. Embodying a logistical and spatial view of economy and society, critical infrastructure also interconnects the social with the ecological or biospheric. In relation to catastrophe, it provides a site for emerging ontological and epistemological synergies across the physical, natural and social sciences.