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Personal details
Name Dr Chris Arthur
Job title Research Fellow
Department School of Chemistry University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications MChem(Edin), PhD(Bristol)
Professional details
Keywords polyketides
mass spectrometry
natural products
drugs from bacteria, fungi and plants
analysis of proteins
biosynthesis of fatty acids
Areas of expertise Proteomics is the study of the proteins and enzymes that actually do the work of the cell whilst metabolomics studies the small molecules that cells make, when, how much and why.

Mass spectrometry allows us to study the proteomic and metabolomic cell functions. This might include, for instance, identifying a protein involved in a disease.

I am also interested in the biosynthesis of polyketides and fatty acids. Natural products are compounds derived from plants, fungi or bacteria. They are an important source of medicines, for instance antibiotics or anticancer agents. One of the most important classes of natural products are the polyketides. The polyketide family include the cholesterol lowering statins and the tetracycline antibiotics.

Despite their structural differences polyketides are produced (biosynthesised) in a manner very similar to that of fatty acids. We study the structure, function and mechanism of enzymes that help make fatty acids and polyketide natural products.