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Personal details
Name Dr Alex Clayton
Job title Senior Lecturer in Film and Television
Department Department of Film and Television University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BA(Warw), MA(Kent), PhD(Kent)
Professional details
Keywords Hollywood
physical comedy
film music
writing about film
history of screen comedy
narrative cinema
film criticism
Areas of expertise I am a Lecturer in Screen Studies. I received my doctorate in Film Studies from the University of Kent in 2006. My recently published monograph, The Body in Hollywood Slapstick (McFarland Press, 2007), traces the development of physical comedy in Hollywood across silent and sound eras, considering key instances of the genre as meditations on the place and nature of the human body (in relation to the mind, to society, to technology, to the voice, and so on).

I have also published on the topic of film music, and I am currently developing an edited collection (with Andrew Klevan, University of Oxford) on the theory and practice of writing about film.

My research interests include; aesthetics and history of screen comedy; performance; the body in film; achievement in narrative cinema (especially Hollywood 1930-1960); film sound; matters of tone and viewpoint; film criticism.