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Personal details
Name Professor Marianne Thoresen
Job title Professor of Neonatal Neuroscience
Department Bristol Medical School (THS) University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications MD, PhD(Oslo)
Professional details
Keywords effect of temperature on the development of brain injury
cellular mechanisms of hypothermic neuroprotection
drugs and hypothermia
protective strategies against posthaemhorrhagic ventricular dilatation
Areas of expertise I trained as a physiotherapist. Treating children with cerebral palsy motivated me to study medicine. While a medical student I took a PhD on cerebral blood flow in the newborn infant. I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and then trained as a clinical paediatrician in Oslo. I became interested in cerebral protection from hypothermia in 1990 and was, in 1995, the first to show that post-hypoxic cooling could reduce brain damage in the newborn. I have investigated the mechanisms by which hypothermia protects the newborn brain and was one of the first to pilot the clinical use of hypothermia in babies when I moved to UK in 1998. I am currently working as a Consultant Neonatologist at St Michael's Hospital in Bristol.
Languages (other than English)
Norwegian/Norsk spoken    written