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Personal details
Name Professor Risto Kauppinen
Job title Chair in Imaging
Department School of Experimental Psychology University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BMed(Oulu), MD(Oulu), PhD(Oulu)
Professional details
Keywords nuclear magnetic resonance signals in living systems
NMR- based imaging techniques
MR imaging (MRI)
MR spectroscopy (MRS)
Areas of expertise I am interested in the biophysical basis for nuclear magnetic resonance signals in living systems. NMR- based (or MR) imaging techniques, have become an inseparable part of the tool kit for neurosciences. The fact, that MR techniques provide nearly an unlimited number of tissue parameters to be revealed for quantification from the CNS, has driven their ever increasing applications in neurosciences. I have taken a technique driven approach to examine the brain. We have developed functional MRI (fMRI) techniques based on blood volume changes and at the same time used these techniques, together with BOLD fMRI, to understand physiological mechanisms behind neurovascular coupling. The second line of research has been directed towards ‘imaging biomarker search’ for brain diseases, including tumours and ischemic stroke. To these ends, we have used MRS and developed spin lock and magnetisation transfer MRI to assign imaging biomarkers for disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring.
Languages (other than English)
Suomi/Finnish spoken    written