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Personal details
Name Dr Robert Meech
Job title Research Fellow
Department School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BSc, PhD, DSc(Soton)
Professional details
Keywords ion channel electrophysiology
ion channels
cnidarian medusae
ion pumps
Areas of expertise Ion channels in excitable membranes.

I study the electrophysiology of Cnidarian medusae to try to understand the structure, properties and functions of ion channels in systems derived from an early stage in the evolution of nerves. A considerable advantage arises from the ability to make direct links between molecular events in excitable cells and an animalís different behavioural strategies.

Intracellular membrane surface.

A long-term interest is in how ion channels and ion pumps interact at the intracellular membrane surface. My experiments on Aplysia neurones in Felix Strumwasser's laboratory in 1969 provided the first direct experimental evidence for the activation of a K+ conductance by intracellular Ca2+. More recently Ian Spreadbury, Corne Kros & I, have examined the role of these Ca2+ activated K+ currents in cochlea outer hair cells (Spreadbury, Kros & Meech, 2004).