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Personal details
Name Dr Philip Langton
Job title Senior Teaching Fellow in Physiology
Department School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BSc, PhD(Lanc)
Professional details
Keywords physiology
small arterial blood vessels
muscular walls
small arteries
cardiovascular system
lymphatic drainage
Areas of expertise Funded by the British Heart Foundation, my laboratory conducts research on the physiology of small arterial blood vessels. We use a wide number of techniques to investigate, at the molecular, cellular and intact tissue levels, how the contraction of the muscular walls of small arteries is regulated.

In health, our cardiovascular system manages a Herculean task; supplying the tissues of the body with arterial blood and returning venous and lymphatic drainage to the heart. The muscular wall of small arteries exists in a state of partial contraction, from which it can relax or contract further in order to alter the calibre of the artery and so regulate the flow of blood. Our goal has consistently been to explain control mechanisms in normal healthy tissue.