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Details for Dr Julie Townsend

Personal details
Name Dr Julie Townsend
Job title Senior Teaching Fellow
Department Centre for Applied Anatomy University of Bristol
Contact details This expert can be contacted via the University of Bristol Public Relations Office.

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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BSc, PhD(Nott)
Professional details
Keywords intra-pituitary control of fertility
gonadotroph cells
folliculostellate cells
lactotroph cells
control of fertility
Areas of expertise Research interests:

Investigations on the intra-pituitary control of fertility, with particular reference to the role of the associations between gonadotroph, lactotroph and folliculostellate cells in seasonally breeding species.

Investigations on prolactin action within the brain: how this may regulate the activity of neuronal circuits involved in the control of fertility.

Current projects include:

Signal transduction pathways and neuronal mechanisms underlying the central effects of PRL on the control of fertility.

Intra-pituitary fertility control.