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Details for Professor Richard Pettigrew

Personal details
Name Professor Richard Pettigrew
Job title Professor of Philosophy
Department Department of Philosophy University of Bristol
Personal web page
Contact details This expert can be contacted via the University of Bristol Public Relations Office.

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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BA (Oxon), MA (Bristol), PhD (Bristol)
Professional details
Membership of professional bodies The Aristotelian Society
The Mind Association
The Association for Symbolic Logic
Keywords philosophy of mathematics
philosophy of science
set theory
category theory
Areas of expertise My background is in philosophy and mathematics. I studied both subjects both as an undergraduate and as a postgraduate. My MA is in philosophy, and my PhD is in Mathematical Logic. I am now a postdoctoral researcher in the philosophy department.

My research covers the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of science, epistemology, and the history of philosophy.

In the philosophy of mathematics, I am particularly interested in the search for a satisfactory foundations for mathematics. Mathematical knowledge is thought to be unique in the certainty it provides. How does it come to have this certainty?

In epistemology and the philosophy of science, I am interested in the justification of our everyday beliefs about the world we inhabit. What is it that justifies us in inferring inductively from our past experience to our beliefs about the future?

In the history of philosophy, I am interested in Aristotle's philosophy of mathematics, and Kant's theoretical philosophy.