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Personal details
Name Professor Sarah George
Job title Professor of Cardiovascular Signalling
Department Bristol Medical School (THS) University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BSc, PhD(Wales)
Professional details
Membership of professional bodies British Atherosclerosis Society Secretary,
European Society of Cardiology nucleus member of Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis Working Group,
European Vascular Biology Organisation Council Member
Keywords cells
smooth muscle cells
cardiovascular disease
plaque rupture
Areas of expertise We are currently examining a relatively unstudied area; the role of cadherin mediated cell-cell contacts and Wnts in the regulation of smooth muscle cell behaviour and cardiovascular disease including restenosis and atherosclerosis. Our studies have demonstrated that this is a very interesting and multi-faceted area. We have observed that N-cadherin regulates smooth muscle cell behaviour including cell proliferation via increasing beta-catenin signalling and modulation of cyclin D1 and p21. We have also identified that N-cadherin is cleaved during smooth muscle cell proliferation by matrix degrading metalloproteinases (MMP-9 and MMP-12). Studies are underway to determine the involvement of Wnt proteins in VSMC proliferation, migration and survival. Additionally we have shown that N-cadherin is an important pro-survival signal for smooth muscle cells and a soluble mimetic of N-cadherin reduces smooth muscle cell apoptosis and reduces features of plaque rupture.