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Details for Dr Vyllinniskii Cameron

Personal details
Name Dr Vyllinniskii Cameron
Job title Research Fellow
Department School of Earth Sciences University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications MSc(Alta), PhD(PennState)
Professional details
Keywords astrobiology
trace metals
extreme environments
origin of life
Areas of expertise My research interests lie within the interdisciplinary fields of astrobiology, geochemistry and biogeochemistry. The focus of my work involves understanding the interactions, utilisation and impacts between trace metals and the microbial world especially in regards to extreme microorganisms. I am particularly interested in biosignatures (life detection methodologies and tools applied on Earth and potentially, in the search for life elsewhere in the universe), life in extreme environments, the origin and nature of life on the early earth and the role/availability of specific trace metals to the evolution of microbial metabolisms. My investigations have involved a variety of geochemical and microbiological tools and experimental techniques and currently, I am working on developing the nickel (Ni) stable isotope system as a potential novel biomarker and geochemical tool.