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Details for Professor Ian Penton-Voak

Personal details
Name Professor Ian Penton-Voak
Job title Professor of Evolutionary Psychology
Department School of Experimental Psychology University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BA, MSc(Manc), PhD(StAnd)
Professional details
Keywords human behaviour
evolutionary history
social properties of faces
sexual selection
perception of emotion
social perception of personality
Areas of expertise I study human behaviour in the context of our evolutionary history. My work has concentrates on perception of social properties of faces, particularly attractiveness. A lot of this work is strongly influenced by theories of sexual selection proposed by evolutionary biologists. I also have strong interests in the perception of emotion and the social perception of personality.

Recent and ongoing projects

Currently, Iím working on several externally funded projects:

Effects of Alcohol on Rating of Attractiveness: Examining the role of alcohol in social interaction.

European Research Advisory Board Grant EA 08 20. (2009-2010) Ä60,000. With Marcus MunafÚ, M.R.

This grant continues our investigations of the influence that alcohol may have on the social perception of faces.