Risk Management

Risk Management at the University of Bristol is coordinated by the Strategic Planning & Governance Office, on behalf of the University Registrar and Secretary, in accordance with the Risk Management Policy (PDF, 234kB).

The University holds a central risk register which contains risk evaluation forms for each of the risks identified within the specified risk areas.  The risk register is updated once a year and informs an Annual Risk Review to University Council and the Audit Committee. Risk Guidance 2016/17 (Office document, 41kB) provides more detail about the risk areas and risk owners, the annual risk management process, and how risks are evaluated and scored.  The risk evaluation form template (Office document, 13kB) is also available.

Risk Management is also an important element of project management.  The University has developed risk log/register templates which can be used when managing a project of any size:

For more information about risk, please contact the Governance team.