Divisional Reviews

Divisional Reviews are integral to the ongoing process of continuous improvement for the University’s Professional Services.  They provide an opportunity to periodically step back from day-to-day activity in order to reflect upon and assess the services being delivered by each Division with a view to ensuring alignment with the University Strategy, identifying (and then sharing) good practice, while considering the scope, quality, effectiveness and cost of those services.

A review panel visits the division concerned,  meeting with staff and key stakeholders. The panel also look at a range of documents, the most important being the self-evaluation document produced by the division. The panel is chaired by a Pro Vice-Chancellor and includes internal and external members.

A report and action plan is agreed by the panel and taken forward by the Director of the Division and the University Planning and Resources Committee (UPARC) for action.

The Divisional Review process is co-ordinated by the Governance & Executive Support team.

Divisional Review Guidelines and associated annexes

Guidance notes

Schedule for Divisional Reviews 2017/18



Review Coordinator


Development & Alumni Relations Office

19/20 October 2017

Anett Loscher, Senior Governance Officer

PVC International (Dr Erik Lithander)

IT Services


Anne Roberts, Head of Governance

DVC (Professor Guy Orpen)

Safety & Health Services

13/14 March 2018

Lucy Barling, Senior Governance Officer

PVC Health (Professor John Iredale)


Previous Divisional Review reports are available for download by UoB staff