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School of Biological Sciences units in 2021/22

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What do the teaching blocks (TB) mean?

Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
Advanced Practical Skills BIOL30006 30 Not open TB-4
Agricultural Biotechnology BIOL31129 10 Not open TB-4
Communication and Cognition in Animal Societies BIOL30012 10 Not open TB-4
Field Course or Laboratory Workshop BIOL30001 10 Not open TB-1
Literature Review BIOL30002 20 Not open TB-4
Oceans BIOL30011 10 Not open TB-4
Plant Environmental Adaptation BIOL30005 10 Not open TB-4
Plant Evolution, Development and Diversity BIOL30007 10 Not open TB-4
Practical Project BIOL30202 30 Not open TB-4
Sensory Ecology BIOL31132 10 Not open TB-4
Sex, Behaviour and Life Histories BIOL30013 10 Not open TB-4
Social Evolution: Genes to Societies BIOL30003 10 Not open TB-4
Staying Alive: The Behaviour, Psychology and Ecology of Predator-Prey Interactions BIOL30010 10 Not open TB-4
The Biology of Colour BIOL30014 10 Not open TB-4
The Ecology of Food Production and the Farmed Landscape BIOL30009 10 Not open TB-4
Tree of Life BIOL30004 10 Not open TB-4