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School of Mathematics units in 2016/17

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
Advanced Fluid Dynamics MATHM0600 20 Not open TB-1
Advanced Quantum Theory MATHM0013 10 Not open TB-2C
Advanced Time Series MATHM6003 10 Not open TB-2C
Advanced Topics in Analysis MATHM0020 20 Not open TB-2
Algebraic Number Theory 4 MATHM6205 20 Not open TB-2
Algebraic Topology MATHM1200 20 Not open TB-1
Analytic Number Theory MATHM0007 20 Not open TB-2
Applied dynamical systems MATHM0010 10 Not open TB-2C
Asymptotics MATHM4700 20 Not open TB-2
Axiomatic Set Theory MATHM1300 20 Not open TB-2
Bayesian Modelling B 34 MATHM0024 10 Not open TB-2C
Calculus of Variations MATHM0015 10 Not open TB-2D
Complex Function Theory (34) MATHM3000 20 Not open TB-1
Complex Networks 4 MATHM6201 20 Not open TB-2
Differentiable Manifolds 4 MATHM2900 20 Not open TB-1
Dissertation (MRes in Statistics) MATHM6100 60 Not open AYEAR
Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory 4 MATHM6206 20 Not open TB-1
Financial Mathematics 34 MATHM5400 20 Not open TB-2
Functional Analysis 34 MATHM6202 20 Not open TB-2
Further Topics In Probability 4 MATHM0018 20 Not open TB-2
Galois Theory MATHM2700 20 Not open TB-1
Generalised Linear Models 34 MATHM5200 10 Not open TB-1B
Group Project Unit MATHM0021 20 Not open TB-4
Lie groups, Lie algebras and their representations MATHM0012 10 Not open TB-1A
Martingale Theory with Applications 4 MATHM6204 10 Not open TB-1
Modern Mathematical Biology MATHM0014 10 Not open TB-2C
Monte Carlo Methods MATHM6001 10 Not open TB-1B
Multivariate Analysis 34 MATHM0510 10 Not open TB-1B
Nonparametric Regression MATHM6004 10 Not open TB-1A
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations MATHM0011 10 Not open TB-1A
Project MATHM2200 20 Not open TB-4
Project MATHM2204 40 Not open TB-4
Quantum Chaos MATHM5700 10 Not open TB-2C
Quantum Computation MATHM0023 10 Not open TB-2C
Quantum Information Theory MATHM5610 10 Not open TB-1A
Representation Theory MATHM4600 20 Not open TB-2
Research Project MATHM6301 60 Not open AYEAR
Statistical Asymptotics MATHM6010 10 Not open AYEAR
Statistical Computing MATHM6007 10 Not open AYEAR
Statistical Inference MATHM6009 10 Not open AYEAR
Statistical Mechanics 34 MATHM4500 20 Not open TB-2
Statistical Modelling MATHM6008 10 Not open AYEAR
Stochastic Optimisation MATHM6005 10 Not open TB-2C
Stochastic Processes MATHM6006 10 Not open TB-1B
Theory of Inference 34 MATHM0022 10 Not open TB-2D
Topics in Discrete Mathematics 34 MATHM0009 10 Not open TB-2C
Topics in Modern Geometry 34 MATHM0008 10 Not open TB-1A