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Department of Civil Engineering units in 2014/15

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
Advanced Systems CENGM0001 10 Not open AYEAR
Applied Geotechnics and Modelling 4 CENGM0030 10 Not open TB-2
Asset Management 4 CENGM0031 10 Not open TB-2
Civil Engineering Systems 4 CENGM1800 10 Not open TB-2
Complex Systems Design CENGM0013 10 Not open TB-1
Design Project 4 MENGM0010 40 Not open TB-4
Design Project 4 CENGM6100 40 Not open TB-4
Design Project 5 MENGM0013 40 Not open TB-4
Earthquake Engineering 4 CENGM1900 10 Not open TB-2
Engineering for International Development CENGM0032 10 Not open TB-2
Environmental Management, Policy and Regulation CENGM0028 20 Not open TB-1
Environmental Modelling 4 CENGM0017 10 Not open TB-2
Environmental Systems and Ecosystem Services CENGM0020 20 Not open TB-2
Flood Risk Management 4 CENGM3000 10 Not open TB-2
Geotechnics 4 CENGM2300 10 Not open TB-1
Integrated Catchment Management CENGM0025 20 Not open TB-2
Integrating Engineering and Management Systems CENGM0011 20 Not open AYEAR
Introduction to Environmental Statistics using MATLAB CENGM0023 10 Not open TB-1
Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB CENGM0029 10 Not open AYEAR
PS C: Advanced Professional Studies EFACM0005 10 Not open TB-1
Problem Structuring and Research Methods CENGM0015 10 Not open TB-1
Research Methods (1) CENGM0006 10 Not open AYEAR
Research Methods (2) CENGM0007 10 Not open AYEAR
Research Project 4 CENGM0012 40 Not open TB-4
Research Project for MRes in Systems CENGM9200 100 Not open AYEAR
Research Skills CENGM0019 10 Not open TB-1
Research Skills 2: Literature Review CENGM0026 10 Not open TB-2
Research and Communications 4 MENGM0011 10 Not open TB-1
Slopes and Dams 4 CENGM2500 10 Not open TB-4
Socio-Technical Systems CENGM0014 10 Not open TB-2
Soil-Structure Interaction 4 CENGM2700 10 Not open TB-2
Structural Engineering 4 CENGM2400 10 Not open TB-1
Surface and Groundwater Hydrology CENGM0021 10 Not open TB-1
Systems Engineering CENGM0016 10 Not open TB-1
Systems Mini-Project CENGM0054 10 Not open AYEAR
Terrestrial Hydrometeorology CENGM0022 10 Not open TB-1
Water Resources Engineering CENGM0024 20 Not open TB-2
Water Resources Risk Management 4 CENGM0018 10 Not open TB-2
Year Abroad (level M) CENGM9000 30 Not open AYEAR
Year in Continental Europe (level M) CENGM9100 30 Not open TB-4