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School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies units in 2021/22

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What do the teaching blocks (TB) mean?

Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
Apocalypse or Ecotopia? POLI30037 20 Not open TB-1
Consumption, Consumer Culture and Sustainability SOCI30103 20 Not open TB-1
Contemporary Feminist Thought: Debates and Issues POLI30001 20 Not open TB-2
Critical Security Studies POLI31384 20 Not open TB-1
Dissertation SOCI30050 40 Not open TB-4
Dissertation POLI31555 40 Not open TB-4
Dissertation (with Quantitative Research Methods) (Politics) POLI30011 40 Not open TB-4
Dissertation (with Quantitative Research Methods) (Sociology) SOCI30065 40 Not open TB-4
European Foreign Policy POLI30014 20 Not open TB-2
Gender and Migration SOCI30091 20 Not open TB-1
Gender and Security POLI30032 20 Not open TB-1
How to Win a Political Argument POLI30020 20 Not open TB-1
Justice between generations POLI30005 20 Not open TB-2
Modern Slavery: Issues and Debates SOCI30097 20 Not open TB-2
Nations and Nationalism SOCI30082 20 Not open TB-1
Northern Ireland: conflict and resolution POLI30040 20 Not open TB-1
Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Transition in Latin America POLI30036 20 Not open TB-1
Peacebuilding: Theory and Practice POLI31557 20 Not open TB-2
Perspectives on Power SOCI30062 20 Not open TB-2
Philosopher Queens POLI30041 20 Not open TB-2
Politics of Contemporary India POLI31563 20 Not open TB-1
Politics of Rebellion POLI30038 20 Not open TB-1
Popular Culture and World Politics POLI31378 20 Not open TB-1
Populism POLI30039 20 Not open TB-2
Post-Modern Political Theories POLI31367 20 Not open TB-2
Power, Politics and Food POLI30027 20 Not open TB-2
Public Opinion and Democracy SOCI30072 20 Not open TB-2
Religion and Politics in the West SOCI30074 20 Not open TB-1
Risk, Danger and Disaster SOCI30098 20 Not open TB-1
Secrecy, Power, Politics POLI30033 20 Not open TB-1
Social Networks SOCI30100 20 Not open TB-2
States and Markets POLI31559 20 Not open TB-1
The Feminist Sociology of Food SOCI30104 20 Not open TB-2
The Political Economy of China POLI30009 20 Not open TB-1
The Politics of Gender POLI31351 20 Not open TB-1
The Politics of Human Rights POLI30026 20 Not open TB-1
The Politics of Post Apartheid South Africa POLI31381 20 Not open TB-2
The Politics of the Contemporary Labour Party POLI30024 20 Not open TB-1
The Sociology of Popular Music SOCI30048 20 Not open TB-2
US Foreign Policy POLI30017 20 Not open TB-2