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Department of Aerospace Engineering units in 2014/15

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
AVDASI 4 - Group Design Project AENGM0013 30 Not open TB-1
Advanced Aerodynamic Measurement and Analysis AENGM0027 10 Not open TB-1
Advanced Composites Analysis AENGM2200 10 Not open TB-2
Advanced Space Systems AENGM2400 10 Not open TB-2
Advanced Techniques in Multi-Disciplinary Design AENGM2005 10 Not open TB-2
Aerospace Vehicle Design and Systems Integration - Project AENGM2023 30 Not open AYEAR
Aircraft Dynamics 4 AENGM1300 10 Not open TB-2
Applied Numerical Methods for Aerodynamics AENGM0026 10 Not open TB-2
CAD for composites design and manufacture AENGM0018 10 Not open AYEAR
Commercialisation of new technology (University of Bath unit MN50416) AENGM0023 10 Not open AYEAR
Composites Design & Manufacture AENGM0028 20 Not open TB-4
Composites Design and Manufacture AENGM2006 10 Not open TB-1
Composites Design and Manufacture Principles AENGM0025 10 Not open TB-4
Composites Manufacturing Study Tour AENGM0020 10 Not open AYEAR
Computational Aerodynamics AENGM2004 10 Not open TB-1
Constituents of composites AENGM0015 10 Not open AYEAR
Design for manufacture of composites AENGM0024 10 Not open AYEAR
Dynamics of Rotors AENGM0004 10 Not open TB-1
Engineering Design for Wind and Marine Power AENGM3102 10 Not open TB-1
Extended Research Project AENGM0006 100 Not open AYEAR
FARSCOPE First Dissertation EMATM0020 80 Not open AYEAR
FARSCOPE Group Project EMATM0019 20 Not open TB-2
Final Year Research Project AENGM0005 30 Not open TB-4
Introduction to Aeronautics AENGM9001 10 Not open AYEAR
Introduction to Systems AENGM0008 10 Not open AYEAR
Laminate analysis and modelling AENGM0017 10 Not open AYEAR
Manufacturing of composite structures AENGM0016 10 Not open AYEAR
Mechanical performance of composites AENGM0014 10 Not open AYEAR
Nanocomposites and Nanoengineering AENGM0011 10 Not open TB-2
Nature's Materials - Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Sustainability AENGM5124 10 Not open TB-2
Process modelling and control in composites manufacture AENGM0019 10 Not open AYEAR
Research Development AENGM0009 60 Not open TB-4
Research Project AENGM0021 80 Not open AYEAR
Research Project (Advanced Composites MSc) AENGM0030 60 Not open AYEAR
Research Project (Advanced Composites) AENGM0007 60 Not open AYEAR
Research Skills AENGM0012 30 Not open AYEAR
Robotics Research Preparation AENGM0029 15 Not open AYEAR
Robotics, Mechanics and Programming (UWE unit) EMATM0016 15 Not open TB-1
Smart Materials AENGM0010 10 Not open TB-1
Technology and Context of Robotics and Autonomous Systems EMATM0018 10 Not open TB-1
Technology strategy and organisation (University of Bath unit MN50420) AENGM0022 10 Not open AYEAR