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School of Management units in 2020/21

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
Applied Work-based Project MGRCM0008 60 Not open AYEAR
Big Data in Marketing Intelligence EFIMM0059 20 Not open TB-2
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility MGRCM2014 15 Not open TB-2
Consumer Behaviour EFIMM0043 15 Not open TB-2
Contemporary Issues in Marketing EFIMM0129 20 Not open TB-1
Contemporary leadership challenges EFIMM0035 20 Not open TB-4
Creativity and Marketing EFIMM0061 20 Not open TB-2
Critical Issues in Strategy MGRCM0005 20 Not open TB-4
Digital Business EFIMM0113 15 Not open TB-2
Digital Marketing: Strategy, Tools and Tactics EFIMM0066 20 Not open TB-2
Dissertation EFIMM0086 60 Not open AYEAR
Dissertation (MSc SSRM) EFIMM0085 60 Not open AYEAR
Dissertation / Applied Extended Project EFIMM0065 60 Not open AYEAR
Dissertation in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management EFIMM0070 60 Not open AYEAR
Effective Marketing Communications EFIMM0062 20 Not open TB-1
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship ECONM2036 15 Not open TB-2
Global Supply Chain Management EFIMM0074 20 Not open TB-1
International Business EFIMM0003 15 Not open TB-2
Introducing Strategic Management EFIMM0114 20 Not open TB-1
Leadership MGRCM0002 20 Not open TB-4
Leadership EFIMM0069 20 Not open TB-2
Leadership EFIMM0012 15 Not open TB-2
Management EFIMM0112 20 Not open TB-1
Marketing Management MGRCM2015 15 Not open TB-2
Operations Management MGRCM2017 15 Not open TB-2
Organisational Behaviour MGRCM2012 15 Not open TB-1
Organisational Behaviour EFIMM0117 15 Not open TB-2
Project Management MGRCM2028 15 Not open TB-2
Re-thinking Change, Systems and Organisation EFIMM0126 20 Not open TB-4
Research Methods and Marketing Metrics EFIMM0057 20 Not open TB-2
Research Methods in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management EFIMM0071 20 Not open TB-2
Researching Organisations, Institutions and Management EFIMM0045 20 Not open TB-2
Strategic Brand Management EFIMM0055 20 Not open TB-2
Strategic Human Resource Management MGRCM2011 15 Not open TB-2
Strategic Management ECONM2025 15 Not open TB-2
Strategic Management EFIMM0068 20 Not open TB-1
Strategic Management MGRCM1001 15 Not open TB-1
Strategic Operations Management EFIMM0072 20 Not open TB-1
Strategy and Organisations MGRCM0001 20 Not open TB-4
Studying Management ECONM1023 15 Not open TB-1
Supply Chain Analytics & Projects EFIMM0073 20 Not open TB-2
Supply Chain Technology and Digitalisation EFIMM0075 20 Not open TB-1
Sustainability and Ethics in Global Supply Chains EFIMM0076 20 Not open TB-2
Sustainability and Social Impact in Marketing EFIMM0056 20 Not open TB-2
Understanding Change and Uncertainty MGRCM0004 20 Not open TB-4
Understanding Customers, Consumers and Markets EFIMM0058 20 Not open TB-1