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Department of Computer Science units in 2014/15

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
Advanced Computer Architecture COMSM0109 10 Not open TB-1
Advanced Computer Graphics COMSM2003 10 Not open TB-1
Advanced Quantum Information Theory COMSM0015 10 Not open TB-2
Algorithmic and Economic Aspects of the Internet COMSM2006 10 Not open TB-1
Animation Production COMSM0013 20 Not open TB-1
Cloud Computing COMSM0010 10 Not open TB-1
Computational Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics COMSM2010 10 Not open TB-2
Computational Neuroscience COMSM2127 10 Not open TB-2
Creative Technology Project COMSM0014 40 Open TB-2
Cryptography B COMSM0007 10 Not open TB-2
Fault Tolerant Computing and VLSI Testing COMSM0125 10 Not open TB-1
Individual Project: Business Plan COMSM0121 20 Not open TB-2
Individual Project: Implementation COMSM0111 40 Not open TB-2
Individual Project: Research Proposal COMSM0011 20 Not open TB-2
Interactive Devices COMSM0009 10 Not open TB-1,TB-2
MSc Advanced Project COMSM3100 60 Not open AYEAR
MSc Project Computer Science COMSM3201 60 Not open AYEAR
Object Oriented Programming with Java COMSM0103 10 Not open TB-2
Overview of Computer Architecture COMSM1302 20 Not open TB-1
Programming in C COMSM1201 30 Not open TB-1
Programming in C COMSM1211 20 Not open TB-1
Project Specification & Design, Advanced COMSM2100 20 Not open TB-2
Robotic Systems COMSM4111 10 Not open TB-1
Robotics Systems PG COMSM0012 10 Not open TB-2
Server Software COMSM2001 10 Not open TB-2
Software Engineering and Group Project COMSM1401 20 Not open TB-1
Sustainability, Technology and Business COMSM0006 10 Not open TB-1
Sustainability, Technology and Business COMSM0008 10 Not open TB-2
Systems Security COMSM1500 10 Not open TB-1
Web Technologies COMSM0104 10 Not open TB-2