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Department of Classics & Ancient History units in 2015/16

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Faculty of Arts Category Teaching Block
Archaic Greece CLAS12352 20 Open TB-1
Art in the Ancient World CLAS12365 20 Not open TB-1
Classical Greece CLAS12380 20 Open TB-2
Greek Language Level A1 CLAS12311 20 Not open TB-1
Greek Language Level A2 CLAS12312 20 Not open TB-2
Greek Language Level B1 CLAS12315 20 Not open TB-1
Greek Language Level B2 CLAS12316 20 Not open TB-2
History of Thought CLAS12366 20 Open TB-2
Introduction to Ancient History CLAS12321 20 Not open TB-1
Late Antiquity CLAS12381 20 Open TB-1
Latin Language Level A1 CLAS12303 20 Not open TB-1
Latin Language Level A2 CLAS12304 20 Not open TB-2
Latin Language Level B1 CLAS12307 20 Not open TB-1
Latin Language Level B2 CLAS12308 20 Not open TB-2
Literary Sources for Greek and Roman History CLAS12320 20 Not open TB-2
Roman Imperial Culture CLAS10029 20 Open TB-1
Studying Written Texts CLAS12367 20 Not open TB-1
The Archaeology of Myth: From the Trojan War to the end of Atlantis CLAS12384 20 Open TB-2
The Body in Antiquity CLAS10010 20 Open TB-2
Using Visual Culture CLAS12368 20 Not open TB-2