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School of Biological Sciences units in 2021/22

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What do the teaching blocks (TB) mean?

Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
3D Protein Structure BIOLM0027 10 Not open TB-2
Advanced Programming BIOLM0035 10 Not open TB-2
Bioinformatics Project Planning BIOLM0028 20 Not open TB-4
Bioinformatics Research Project BIOLM0034 60 Not open AYEAR
Entrepreneurship and Professional Development BIOLM0036 20 Not open TB-4
Genome Biology and Genomics BIOLM0030 10 Not open TB-2
Genome Evolution BIOLM0033 10 Not open TB-2
Group Project BIOLM0037 10 Not open TB-1
Omics BIOLM0031 10 Not open TB-2
Professional Development BIOLM0024 20 Not open TB-4
Programming in R BIOLM0039 20 Not open TB-1
Project Planning BIOLM0023 20 Not open TB-4
Research Project BIOLM0026 60 Not open TB-4
Scientific Programming BIOLM0032 20 Not open TB-1
Statistics and R BIOLM0029 20 Not open TB-1
Understanding Data: Experimental Design and Statistics for Life Scientists BIOLM0006 20 Not open TB-1