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Unit information: Implant Surgery 1 in 2015/16

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

Unit name Implant Surgery 1
Unit code DENTM9009
Credit points 10
Level of study M/7
Teaching block(s) Academic Year (weeks 1 - 52)
Unit director Mr. Bell
Open unit status Not open



Biomaterials , biomedical science and biomechanics - DENTM9007 Patient Assessment and treatment planning 1 - DENTM9008 Bone augmentation and grafting 1 - DENTM9010 Prosthodontics 1 - DENTM9011 Clinical practice attachment 1 - DENTM9012 Treatment Planning 2 - DENTM9013 Implant Surgery 2 - DENTM9014 Prosthodontics 2 - DENTM9015 Teams and marketing - DENTM9016 Advanced techniques - DENTM9017 Clinical practice attachment 2 - DENTM9018 Dissertation - DENTM9019

School/department Bristol Dental School
Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences

Description including Unit Aims

This module will introduce the concepts and techniques involved in the preparation of a patient for surgery and maintenance of a sterile surgical field. Students will be shown how to gown and glove correctly. The use of preoperative medication will be outlined and the obtaining of written evidence of consent to treatment. Aspects of basic implant surgery will be covered including local anaesthetic techniques, soft tissue flap design, the use of surgical guides, drilling techniques, the use of osteotomes, implant positioning, flap closure and post operative care.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • To be competent at obtaining a written consent to implant treatment. To be competent at gowning and gloving for a surgical procedure.
  • To be competent at placing patient drapes and preparing a patient for implant surgery.
  • To have a knowledge of the use of pre and post-operative medication and local anaesthetic techniques.
  • To have a knowledge of soft tissue flap design.
  • To have a knowledge of the preparation of an implant site and the placement of an implant. To have a knowledge of flap closure and suturing techniques.
  • To be competent at giving a patient post operative advice following implant surgery.

Teaching Information

Lectures and small group teaching on study day 4. Distance learning package delivered via Blackboard including additional ‘podcast’ lectures/videos and directed reading. This unit runs concurrently with the Clinical Practice attachment Unit and is closely linked with it, teaching is therefore supplemented by one to one teaching and observation of clinical practice.

Assessment Information

Methods of assessment - Summative and formative assessments

Formative assessments

During the study day via direct verbal feedback, particularly during simulated surgery sessions.

Practical assessments:

1. Hands on simulated surgery. Assessment of practical skill, flap design and implant placement in simulated bone.

Summative Assessments

Written assignments:

1. Consent and litigation. Written assignment looking at current issues of informed consent and patient information prior to surgery.

2. Pain control and perioperative medication. Structured written assignment.

3. Implant placement surgery

Reading and References

Contemporary Implant Dentistry by Carl E. Misch Mosby 2nd edition ISBN: 08151 70599

Practical Implant Dentistry: Diagnostic, Surgical, Restorative and Technical Aspects of Aesthetic and Functional Harmony by Ashok Sethi and Thomas Kaus. Quintessence Publishing ISBN: 18509 70610

Selected journal references