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Programme structure: Politics and German (BA) - what's running in 2021/22

Mandatory Units ERM20001 (Post A-level) or GERM20032 (ab-initio and post-GCSE, 40 credits) are is must pass. For further information and a definition of must pass units please see the Glossary of Terms

Unit name Unit code Credit points Status Faculty of Arts Category Teaching Block
60 credit points from:
Rational Choice POLI21203 20 Optional TB-1
Development Studies POLI21213 20 Optional TB-1
Co-operation and Integration In Europe POLI21214 20 Optional TB-1
Modern British Government and Politics POLI20014 20 Optional TB-1
Democracy and US Government POLI21226 20 Optional TB-2
The Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa POLI21231 20 Optional TB-1
Principles of Quantitative Social Science SOCI20069 20 Optional TB-1
Conducting a Research Project using Secondary Data POLI20001 20 Optional TB-2
Contemporary Political Theory POLI22202 20 Optional TB-1
Contemporary International Relations POLI20002 20 Optional TB-1
Power Politics and International Relations of East Asia POLI29008 20 Optional TB-2
NGO Development & Practice POLI20004 20 Optional TB-2
Understanding Genocide POLI20005 20 Optional TB-2
Russian Politics POLI20006 20 Optional TB-1
The History of Western Political Thought POLI20007 20 Optional TB-2
Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in South Asia POLI20009 20 Optional TB-1
Global Justice POLI20010 20 Optional TB-1
Governing Through Insecurity: Institutions and Issues in Contemporary Security Governance POLI20013 20 Optional TB-2
Investigating Society (Politics) POLI20019 20 Optional TB-2
New Developments in International Relations Theory POLI20016 20 Optional TB-2
State and Non-State Violence in Latin America POLI20017 20 Optional TB-2
The Politics of the Environment POLI20018 20 Optional TB-1
Plus one of the following 20cp German language units, EITHER:
German Language 2 (Post A-Level) GERM20001 20 Mandatory TB-4
OR Instead of the above, students who took German ab initio GERM19003 in their first year should take this unit
German Language post ab initio GERM20032 20 Optional TB-4
Students must choose at least 20cp but no more than 60cp from the following list:
Effi Briest and her Afterlives GERM20048 20 Optional TB-1
Inventing Austria GERM20051 20 Optional TB-1
Transforming the Tragic Hero(ine): 1770-1840 GERM20044 20 Optional TB-2
Transnational Nation: Germany 1840–1990 GERM20047 20 Optional TB-2
The Cultural and Creative Industries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland GERM20052 20 Optional TB-2
Students may choose up to 40cp from the following list (your total selections should not be more than 120cp)
General Linguistics MODL20016 20 Optional TB-1
Woman and Nation MODL23017 20 Optional TB-1
Catalan Language (Elementary) MODL23014 20 Optional TB-4
Czech Language (Elementary) MODL23015 20 Optional TB-4
Woman and Nation MODL23017 20 Optional TB-1
Introduction to teaching Modern Languages as Foreign Languages MODL20021 20 Optional TB-1
Beginners Portuguese MODL20022 20 Optional TB-4
Historical Linguistics MODL20017 20 Optional TB-2
Students also have the option of taking a Teaching Block abroad as long as they meet all grade and other requirements set by SPAIS study abroad programme
Study Abroad (Term) SPAI20030 60 Optional TB-1,TB-2
Diploma of Higher Education   120      

Progression/award requirements

Unit Pass Mark for Undergraduate Programmes:

  • 40 out of 100 – for level C/4, I/5 & H/6 units
  • 50 out of 100 – for level M/7 units

For details on the weightings for classifying undergraduate degrees, please see the Agreed Weightings, by Faculty, to be applied for the Purposes of Calculating the Final Programme Mark and Degree Classification in Undergraduate Programmes.

For detailed rules on progression please see the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes and the relevant faculty handbook.

Please refer to the specific progression/award requirements for programmes with a preliminary year of study, the Gateway programmes and International Foundation programmes.

Exit awards

All undergraduate degree programmes allow the opportunity for a student to exit from a programme with a Diploma or Certificate of Higher Education.

  • To be awarded a Diploma of Higher Education, a student must have successfully completed 240 credit points, of which at least 90 must be at level 5.
  • To be awarded a Certificate of Higher Education, a student must have successfully completed 120 credit points at level 4.

Integrated Master's degrees may also allow the opportunity for a student to exit from the programme with an equivalent Bachelor's degree where a student has achieved 360 credit points, of which 90 must be at level 6, and has successfully met any additional criteria as described in the programme specification.

The opportunities for a student to exit from one of the professional programmes in Veterinary Science, Medicine, and Dentistry with an Award is outlined in the relevant Programme Regulations (which are available as an annex in the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes).