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Programme structure: Economics and Finance with Study Abroad (in final year) (BSc) - what's running in 2021/22

Please see the Temporary amendments to University regulation for 2020/21 for the progression and classification regulations in programmes where its structure has been amended to accommodate a change in the provision of a placement (study abroad or in industry) in 2020/21.

Unit name Unit code Credit points Status Teaching Block
Financial Markets EFIM30019 10 Mandatory TB-1
Advanced Corporate Finance EFIM30020 10 Mandatory TB-2
Applied Economics Dissertation EFIM30031 40 Mandatory TB-4
Choose 60 credit points from the following including at least 20 CPs selected from EFIM30018, EFIM30021, EFIM30026 and EFIM30028; and at least one unit from the Economics options.
Portfolio Management EFIM30021 10 Optional TB-2
International Finance EFIM30026 10 Optional TB-2
Derivatives EFIM30028 10 Optional TB-2
Financial Crises EFIM30018 10 Optional TB-1
Economics options
Public Economics EFIM30034 20 Optional TB-2
Advanced Microeconomics EFIM30009 20 Optional TB-1
International Macroeconomics EFIM30029 10 Optional TB-1
Behavioural Economics EFIM30027 20 Optional TB-2
Environmental Economics EFIM30004 20 Optional TB-2
Macroeconomic Theory and Policy ECON30077 20 Optional TB-2
Industrial Economics ECON30076 20 Optional TB-2
Labour Economics ECON30075 20 Optional TB-1
International Economics ECON30074 20 Optional TB-1
Economics of Developing Countries ECON30071 20 Optional TB-2
Applied Economics: Current Economic Problems ECON30065 20 Optional TB-1
Advanced Econometric Theory (QM6) ECON30392 20 Optional TB-2
Behavioural Finance EFIM30062 10 Optional TB-1
Economic History EFIM30058 20 Optional TB-2
Economics and Finance (BSc)   120    

Progression/award requirements

Unit Pass Mark for Undergraduate Programmes:

  • 40 out of 100 – for level C/4, I/5 & H/6 units
  • 50 out of 100 – for level M/7 units

For details on the weightings for classifying undergraduate degrees, please see the Agreed Weightings, by Faculty, to be applied for the Purposes of Calculating the Final Programme Mark and Degree Classification in Undergraduate Programmes.

For detailed rules on progression please see the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes and the relevant faculty handbook.

Please refer to the specific progression/award requirements for programmes with a preliminary year of study, the Gateway programmes and International Foundation programmes.

Exit awards

All undergraduate degree programmes allow the opportunity for a student to exit from a programme with a Diploma or Certificate of Higher Education.

  • To be awarded a Diploma of Higher Education, a student must have successfully completed 240 credit points, of which at least 90 must be at level 5.
  • To be awarded a Certificate of Higher Education, a student must have successfully completed 120 credit points at level 4.

Integrated Master's degrees may also allow the opportunity for a student to exit from the programme with an equivalent Bachelor's degree where a student has achieved 360 credit points, of which 90 must be at level 6, and has successfully met any additional criteria as described in the programme specification.

The opportunities for a student to exit from one of the professional programmes in Veterinary Science, Medicine, and Dentistry with an Award is outlined in the relevant Programme Regulations (which are available as an annex in the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes).