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A-Z list of all open units in 2021/22

Open units are units which are outside of a student's subject discipline(s) that are available in many undergraduate programmes (subject to space and timetabling constraints). Typically these units are interdisciplinary and do not have any pre- or co-requisites. Single honours undergraduate students are normally able to choose up to 20 credit points of open units.

The University has developed a number of thematic, interdisciplinary "Bristol Futures" open units which deal with issues and themes of current importance. Details of these units are available here including video trailers for some of the units. Specific details about each unit is available below. The Bristol Futures optional units are:

City Futures: Migration, Citizenship, and Planetary Change
Creative Futures: Tools for Changing the World (Online only)
Decolonise the Future! (Online only)
Science of Happiness (Online only)
Sustainable Development
Understanding global problems using data: inequality, climate change and the economy (Online only)

The open units scheme also includes the University Wide Language Programme units. Details of these are available here as well as specific information about each unit below.

It is possible that open units appearing on this list will be unavailable if capacity has been taken up by students taking it as an optional unit.

What do the Levels represent?

What do the teaching blocks (TB) mean?

There are currently no open units available.