Hire vehicles

Departments requiring the use of hire vehicles, whether it be cars, vans or minibuses for field trips need to be aware of the following;

Service definition and server level agreement

Delivery and collection

8.3 Where an early start is required by the driver resulting in an early delivery of the vehicle by the Supplier the 24 hour hire period will commence at the time stipulated by the driver on the order. Where we (the supplier) deliver early on our own accord then no additional charge shall be incurred. Normal delivery hours are 08.00 – 18.00hrs. Deliveries requested outside of these hours will attract an out of hour’s fee.

8.4 If the vehicle has been delivered or is en-route to the Driver less than 2 hours before delivery is due and a cancellation is made by the Buyer, the Supplier will be entitled to charge a one day hire fee.

8.5 All vehicles will be collected within a maximum of 24 hours after the hire period has ended, except at weekends when the vehicle will be picked up at the latest by 12.00 noon on the following Monday.

8.6 The supplier shall not leave a vehicle in a restricted area or in an unsafe position. Buyers will accept no responsibility whatsoever for fines where this has not been adhered to.

8.7 Delivery and collection of the vehicles will be as stipulated on the order. Vehicles should not be left at the University Security Lodge unless there has been prior agreement with the buyer.


It is the hirer responsibility to ensure the vehicle is parked in a non restricted safe place.  Any fines within the 24 hour will fall to the buyer.


It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure the vehicle is parked in a safe, non restricted place.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange a parking space for the delivery of the vehicle; this should be confirmed with the hire company at the time of booking. 

Please note: unless the vehicle is parked in a reserved car parking space with an appropriate permit it will be liable for a Civil Parking Notice (CPN).

Any vehicles parked in a University parking space without the appropriate parking permit will be liable for a £100.00 CPN (or reduced to £60.00 if paid within 14 days).

Further information on University parking permits.