Business travel - what we're doing

Sustainability (Campus Division) is leading the development of a business travel plan for the University. 

This will build on the staff and student travel plan which has been successful in promoting sustainable travel for daily commuting to and from the University. 

The aim of the travel plan will be to manage the impacts of academic and business travel, while still supporting the University’s drive to internationalisation.

The first step has been to assemble data on business and academic travel, to help identify the priorities for the travel plan and provide a baseline for future monitoring. 

In June 2019, we ran an internal staff workshop with support from the Cabot Institute to review the data and explore the barriers and opportunities for reducing the impacts of University air travel. 

Participants in the air travel workshop, June 2019

The presentation and notes of the workshop are available to download here:

Further internal engagement is being undertaken to help develop a set of proposed targets and measures for the business travel plan.

Further information on the business travel plan will be posted here as it becomes available.