December 2021 - Our last publication of 2021

Congratulations to our former PhD student Dr. Reham Mashat on the publication of her paper below: 

A Role for ER-Beta in the Effects of Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and 27-Hydroxycholesterol on Breast Cancer Progression: Involvement of the IGF Signalling Pathway? Mashat RM, Zielinska HA, Holly JMP, Perks CM. Cells. 2021 Dec 29;11(1):94.

November 2021 – Further Congratulations!

Congratulations to one of our post-doctoral researchers, Dr. Rachel Barker, who has been selected to take part in the 1-year Wellcome Trust Industry Mentoring Programme for early career researchers. Rachel has also been invited to attend the ‘Creating Health Impact from Research’ workshop, based on her project proposal to investigate β-amyloid-derived peptides for cancer therapy. We look forward to seeing what these great opportunities lead to.

October 2021 – Welcome!

Over the last few months, we have been delighted to welcome three new PhD students to the IMEG team: Haonan Li, Mai Alhadrami and Xiaoyu Su. Haonan will be investigating GRP78 and IGFBP-2 in breast cancer, Mai’s project will look at how markers involved in Alzheimer’s disease might affect cancer progression and Xiaoyu will be investigating the role of oxycholesterols and bile acids in colorectal cancer. We are very excited to have them as part of the team and look forward to seeing how their projects progress.

 September 2021 – Congratulations!

Huge congratulations to Dr. Georgina Kingshott who has successfully completed her PhD and passed her viva. Georgina’s PhD investigated The Impact of Metabolic Disturbance on Imprinting of IGF-II in Prostate and Colorectal Cancer.

In addition to writing her thesis, Georgina has also published the article below:

Alteration of Metabolic Conditions Impacts the Regulation of IGF-II/H19 Imprinting Status in Prostate Cancer. Kingshott G, Biernacka K, Sewell A, Gwiti P, Barker R, Zielinska H, Gilkes A, McCarthy K, Martin RM, Lane JA, McGeagh L, Koupparis A, Rowe E, Oxley J, Holly JMP, Perks CM. Cancers (Basel). 2021 Feb 16;13(4):825.

Following on from her PhD, Georgina is continuing to work as a post-doc in the IMEG team and we wish her all the best for her research career.

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